January 1st, 2020

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

Meaningful insights for impactful companies. Impactful insights for meaningful companies.

Kray&Co has been created on foundations laid for more than 2 years now and is embodied by anyone who has ever gave / or will ever give a minute, an hour or a year of his time to help build this Project.  It is all these People that are represented in the word “We” in this manifesto.

It took us time and a lot of problem solving to come up with the concept behind Kray.

Perhaps even a bit more than the average person would have, and I still don’t know if the stone we are staying on is rock solid or filled with thin air. 

However, in 2 years of trying to help early stage companies (roughly 35 different projects in 5 different countries), we now tend to understand a bit more how things work when they are set in motion and are now more preventing than reacting in front of issues we run into.

Our idea is simple. The more we help companies the more insights we gain to help them at even higher levels. Our goal is even simpler. Use this knowledge to help meaningful companies have a solid impact on their audience and bring them enough financial resources to do so.

We managed to raise more than $3.5 million for various projects and from many different sources. Private individuals, private funds, family offices, NGOs, public bodies, all have believed in projects and ambitions that founders we work with dedicated their lives to. 

We understand their sacrifice and are but only happy when the teams behind these projects recognize the high and constant level of implication we put into the missions we accept.

We usually go the last mile to deliver results (80%+ success rate) on all types of funding. We are motivated on a project scale rather than an industry scale and are therefore highly transverse. We however tend to have a better fit teaming up with companies out of these sectors:

-       Green business;

-      Circular economy;

-      Social & solidarity;

-      Energy & renewables;

-      Deep technology;

-      Aerospace;

-      Digital.

Some of the projects we accept are worked on a pro-bono basis, shall the social impact be wide enough, and the founding team motivated enough to bring their project to life. Entering our pro-bono program means that none of the work provided is billed to the company.

We try to help our clients build the tools they will need to execute and monitor the projects they are funding and offer a great communication platform between the board and the managing team. 

We successfully exited one of our first early stage equity fundraising early 2019 and are planning to keep on providing a solid 360° involvement, from the recommendation all the way through the exit.

We will keep burning brain calories for the businesses we team up with and will keep showcasing companies on the verge of making beautiful things for society.

Are you impactful ?

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