Tax Credits.

Our team is small, agile and full of initiatives. Our goal is to become autonomous as soon as possible to save our clients a lot of precious time in their tax credits endeavour.

The innovation tax credit represents a key financial tool for startups and SMEs supporting innovation costs (wages, IT, investments)
50 000 € - 200 000 €
50 + SMEs/YEAR


The innovation/research tax credit is a fiscal measure tailor-made for Startups and SMEs. SMEs can benefit from a tax credit ranging from 10-30% (depending on the country) of the expenses spent in the design and/or the creation of prototypes or pilot installations of a new product/service.


Any EU based company that can justify investments/expenses in innovation, new products or services or new products soon to be launched. The intervention spectrum is wide enough to allow Startups and SMEs to benefit from it at various innovation/development levels.


Success fees only. Given the complexity of certain dossiers, we first carry out an eligibility study before accepting a mission. Our remuneration is calculated as a percentage of the project’s size and is only charged upon funding's confirmation.

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