External growth.

We help our client every step of the way, from deal sourcing to value chain optimisation, terms negotiations and deal closing.

Acquisition has become a key growth driver for companies, that can benefit from easy access to financial information and low interest rates. Our job is to source, analyse, structure and fund M&A deals that will shape our clients’ future business landscape
€1,000,000 - €5,000,000
5 - 10 SMEs/YEAR


The LBO, or "leveraged buy out" allows a company to increase its ability to invest through external financing. Debt financing, public and parapublic financing and private funds can be used. We estimate the average contribution needed for the recovery of a healthy entity as between 15 and 35% of the total amount of the deal.


Any company of impact wishing to diversify its offer within a common (oblique) segment, acquire a key element of its value chain to limit the (vertical) risk and/or gain market share in the same (horizontal) segment and sub segment activity.


Success fees only! Given the complexity of certain dossiers, we first carry out an eligibility study before accepting a mission. Our remuneration is calculated as a percentage of the project’s size and is only charged upon funding's confirmation.

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